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      Libra offers an array of research services: ​
      • We conduct audits, research and acquire external resources, and build end user access and quality improvement tools, from catalogues and directories to web portals and online surveys.


On demand logo. One red rectangle with a black border.   On Demand

Need the latest research on a particular topic, quick? Libra will do the research for you and will send the articles and/or summaries directly to your desktop!
On-going logo. Multiple red rectangles with black border.    On Going

Ask us about our ongoing research package. With this option will keep up-to-date on a particular subject on your behalf. Relevant articles and/or summaries will be sent directly to your desktop.

Research logo in grey. 1. Research Reports

Includes drafting and editing services, as well as plain language end user documentation.
Research logo is bronze.
2. Systematic Review

Includes evidence-based reviews and reports.
Research logo
3. Literature Review/Searches
Research logo.
4. Knowledge Traffic Research and Analysis

At Libra, our research and analysis process consists of deriving a correlation of service user transactions and instituional performance scores.

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